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Small business owners find marketing just seems to slide by daily. It's one of those 
things you know you should do, but who has the time? We can fix this challenge for you.
If you're finding the content development and posting portion of your marketing strategy is falling behind, let us help. As Sherry Morisch and Spotlight Around Town, we have a combined 3000 followers on multiple networks and we can have your business seen by people who didn't even know you existed!
Our specialized skill sets in SEO, social networking, video production, and more, we can help your organization meet your customer's needs at every step of their journey. This offers you a greater ROI than other organizations can offer.


marketing-1320699_1280The following are posting premiums for maintenance accounts and a list of networks I work on most often:
Posting 2 Days Per Week on 3 Networks - $100.00 

Posting 3 Days Per Week on 3 Networks - $200.00
Posting 4 Days Per Week on 3 Networks - $300.00 
Posting 5 Days Per Week on 3 Networks - $400.00 
(Pricing is Monthly)


Networks Available Included: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Stumbled Upon
Posting Days include 3 posts per day on each network Packages Also Include Network maintenance (adding photos / videos, changing cover and profile photo, connecting with clients, lead generation), maintaining passwords and content calendar.
Special Note - More complex marketing accounts may see different pricing. Due to strategy development, research, and custom materials, these accounts will endure costing estimations on a case by case basis.

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