Discovering Yourself with Style

Locally owned small business owner, Goldie Urquhart, is the founder and sole proprietor of this special effort to help women.  Goldie's vision is to help women better express themselves through style, makeup, and accessories, but that's not all! Goldie works with women who are largely middle aged, divorced, and some have body image issues.

Goldie helps women become better stewards of themselves, showing up in the world as a complete person, not just parts of a person they want to show. Goldie is a star in Port Orchard, WA and does so much work for others, while still keeping up with herself, she's simply an inspiration.




Here are some excerpts from her website

Discovering Yourself with Style Workshops

Facilitated by Goldie Urquhart, Stylist and Image Consultant

Do you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear?

Is your jewelry box full of baubles that yearn to accessorize?

Would you like to learn to become your own personal Stylist?

Join Goldie in One of Her "Discovering Yourself with Style" Workshops for a Personalized "boot-camp".

Goldie feels women need to find a style that matches their own personality. With just learning some simple tools, one can go from looking good to WOW!

Over the years, she has had the opportunity to work and collaborate with many beauty pageant coordinators, TV personality stylists, fashion designers and corporate image consultants. However, her passion is conducting workshops with what is considered ‘real’ women who have busy, interesting lives and want more from their wardrobe or would like to update their personal style and still maintain their




Here's a question for you.

Did you know that your appearance immediately initiates ten qualifications in the first impression you make to others? Do you know what they are?

Become your own personal Stylist by gaining the knowledge and tools given at the Discovering Yourself with Style workshops!



In the Workshop, You’ll discover

Goldie will teach you how to tell if the styles you choose are really right for you. 

Her courses cover a variety of topics, including the subjects listed below:

Clothes that are magic for you

Clothes styles and cuts flatters your body type

our own distinct fashion personality

Hair styles and color that compliment your face and fashion personality

Personal make-up application that’s perfect for you

What accessories work with your fashion style and choices

Critiques on 2 of your favorite outfits by goldie

Secrets that are normally reserved for celebrities and the elite… now shared with YOU.

You can learn more about Goldie here - Discovering Yourself with Style



Only $50 for a 4 hour mini-workshop!

Gift Certificates are Available

As goldie says, "It does not take a lot of money or effort to look great and learn to become your own stylist."

Call now to reserve your spot 360 551-1282


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