About Sherry and Spotlight Around Town.


My name is Sherry Morisch and I founded Spotlight Around Town in 2012 as a way to bring exposure to small businesses in my community. Over the past few years we've seen many changes, including moving to a new town. We started out in Kitsap County, WA. If you don't know where Kitsap County is, think of it as one of the most beautiful places on the planet that's nestled in between the Olympic Mountain Range and Seattle. This location boasts of beautiful scenic views from each of it's group of small communities with names like Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Port Orchard, and Kingston. These are just a few of my favorites. I lived in the area for about 5 years, but did lived on the peninsula for almost 10. As much as I miss Kitsap County, my family is reconnecting in Oregon. I still work with companies in Kitsap and love to visit, but we're calling Oregon home for now.

We're in the Portland area building up steam to start presenting content for local businesses in this area. Recently, we relocated again to Molalla and I'm so excited to start getting involved in this small but vibrant community. We're settled now, so I look forward to building long lasting connections with neighbors and fellow small business owners.

Look for our new release coming in the beginning of Fall  2016. We'll be releasing our Project Management and Organizational Development website. For now, though, stick with Spotlight Around Town for updates. We'll be adding customers very soon in this area and around the Pacific Northwest 🙂

Want more information? Connect with me at info@spotlightaroundtown.com 

Thanks and I look forward to exploring the area with you all very soon.